Xpress Lube Services

We recommend Havoline motor oil as the best motor
oil to use and we carry all other brands.

Star Service Oil Change
(Includes: coolant, washer & power steering fluid top-off, express interior vacuum,
tire pressure check, belt and hose check, light check, windshield wash)

Havoline Power Shield
Havoline High Mileage
Havoline Synthetic and Synthetic Blend

Tire Rotation and Pressure Checks
Serpentine Belt Service
Transmission Flush
Radiator Flush
Differential Service

Air Filter Service
Battery Service
Fuel Treatment (cleans fuel injectors)
Wiper Blade Replacement
Light Bulb Replacement

Automotive Repairs

Brake Service
Exhaust & Muffler Service
Shocks and Struts

Fuel Pumps
Other Repairs